Start Times and Details

The following documents contain all the information required to get to and take part safely in the Leinster Orienteering Championships. If there are any questions unaddressed please contact the organisers (

2017-04-05_LOC_bulletin 2017-04-05_LOC_startlist


Questions not covered in the bulletin:

Q: Is the forest road suitable for a motorhome?

A: The surface is generally good but a Ford Fiesta lost a gasket about 15 years ago – if your car is particularly low-slung please exercise extra caution. We’re not aware of particularly low branches.

That said passing on the forest road is only possible at a few points in the 4km. If travelling in a motorhome please only do so if arriving early and leaving with everyone else. Ideally leave the motorhome at Laragh and get a lift up.

Q: Are control descriptions on the maps?

A: Yes, they are.